The Reasons You Should Quit Your Job And Travel Now


We don’t want to tell you what to do with your life. Do what you want to do. Whatever makes you happy.But don’t waste it. Don’t have regrets about things you should have done. Don’t sit back and watch and wonder how other people have epic experiences while you seem to just roll along from one thing to the next.Make goals, take chances, grasp at everything that comes your way. And if it doesn’t come your way, well, maybe you should bloody well make it.Toss in your job, throw your stuff in a bag and head out into the world. Why wouldn’t you? Here are seven pretty convincing reasons you should definitely do it, now.

1. You only get one go at life

Most of us are in agreement that we are just on the Earth (in living human form) for a short while. Potential reincarnation as a centipede aside, you have just a short window to do your thang.If you were told you had only a year of health left, would you show up at the office every day? Would you stress about meeting that deadline? Probably not.

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You’d hike in the rainforests of Costa Rica, you’d eat raw stuff in Tokyo and you’d dance in Vienna at four in the morning. THAT is what you should be doing RIGHT NOW.

2. You don’t know what’s going to happen later

You really don’t know what life is going to throw at you. You might find yourself suddenly encumbered and unable to get away to travel.You might find yourself with three kids before you realise that life is whizzing by quicker than you thought. You might be running a small business that you don’t feel you can leave.You might be looking after your sick mum. Or you might be in a hospital bed.If you can walk away, now, without doing too much collateral damage, just do it. Go. Your home life will be waiting for you, in some format or other, when you need it again.

3. Work can be stressful and unhealthy

Sure, we need to work to get money. But plenty of us in the Western world live in a pretty luxurious way these days. We can afford new cars and sofas with whimsical cushions and Mexican-fusion dinners with matched tequila tastings.

Do without those things and save money for better things. Travel experiences.

The trouble with work is that it can be stressful. You have to show up all the time and do stuff. Stacks of it is boring. And stacks of it is stressful – trying to achieve things with not enough time/money/information/talent.


Quit Your Job And Travel Now-2It can be very unhealthy. Staring at cubical walls, rolling back and forward on our desk chairs. Drinking coffee and surrounded by airconditioning. It’s not a healthy way to live.

The stress of travel is mostly stress without a lot of consequence. Just the stress of managing life somewhere unfamiliar.

And travel is certainly healthier than work – every day brings something different, whether wandering a city, hiking a national park or just sitting looking at a view.

Less stress and better health is good for your life now – and the long term.

4. You get to meet interesting people

At work, you can hang around the kitchen and catch up on the weekend footy results or the latest instalment of reality schlock. It’s fun enough.

Work people are nice, of course, but the fact remains that not only do they live in the same city as you, they also work in the same place as you. Not that much variety.

While you are travelling, you’ll meet every sort of person. Travellers and locals will all have a completely different set of experiences from you.

You’ll hear about things you didn’t know happened. You’ll learn about lives that you can scarcely imagine. It’s what we mean when we say you’ll ‘broaden your horizons’.

5. Exposing yourself to different languages and things is good for your brain

It’s pretty easy to become mentally lazy in life. You clock on to your job, perform it well, go to the gym, meet your friends at some new restaurant to talk crap and have a few beers. And then do something similar the next day.

There are a lot of things about travel that force you to use your brain in ways you don’t at home. Exposing yourself to different languages is a major one.

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Trying to piece together the basics of communication, cobble together greetings, requests for food, directions – those things make your brain work hard. They keep you sharp and focused.

And it’s not just language. Unfamiliarity of places, learning to navigate new cities, getting to grips with subtle (and not so subtle) cultural differences.

All these things are good for your brain. Being away from home for a long stretch, your brain and your attitudes will become more flexible. And that will serve you well in life.

6. You get some perspective on your life back home

While you are away you get to look at your life from a distance and make a few cold assessments. You can analyse what is and isn’t working for you.

You can look at what you did and didn’t like about that job that you threw in. You can review the things you do and don’t like in your relationships.

You can look at what you want to do in the future – without being caught up in it all. Some decisions will be made.

You’ll also come to appreciate the important things that home offers you – comfort, routine, family and friends. And your own personal toilet. Those things are valuable, too.

7. No one regrets time spent travelling

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“I wish I hadn’t travelled so much in my 20s and 30s,” said no one, ever.Talk to us at My Adventure Store o get your travel plans locked down.