Mountains provide us refuge from our day-to-day lives


Who knew that when you strapped on a pair of mountain climbing boots, a backpack and headed up a glacier peak there was an actual term for the journey called Alpine? Alpine or mountaineering is the sport of mountain climbing. Light and fast is how Alpine enthusiasts describe the quest for a summit.
Alpine style actually is a particular style of mountain climbing. Think of Mt. Everest, and you can easily picture what form this hiking takes—plenty of rocks, ice, and snow climbing. Mountaineering began as a goal to reach the highest point of unlimbered mountains. Depending on what kind of route you choose, it can be one of three specializations: skiing, snow crafted or rock crafted. All of these areas require a person to have hiking experience, safety training, and plenty of athletic ability.
There are plenty of mountain training schools and courses available to get your experience from if you are new to the idea. Once you feel confident in your ability, and maybe have hit some good mountains for experience you may discover you want to explore bigger conquests. East-Greenland-Ski-Mountaineering-Expedition-2012-11-1132x849
An amazing place to start adding adventure notches on your belt would be Mount Baker in Washington. Beginner mountaineers can get a great two-day trip with guide service fromAmerican Alpine Institute, heading on up the 10,781 volcanic summits and through 12 glaciers. In fact, they will provide a two-day training course before you embark on your journey.
If you are a world traveler, then Kilimanjaro, Tanzania is an epic journey. The six hour a day climb will take you up the breadths of the fourth-largest of seven summits at 19,336 feet. Your five to seven day climb begins at 5,900 feet and slowly guides you through six ecological zones. You will experience an incredible adventure of a lifetime passing from grasslands into a rain forest and then an alpine desert before conquering the arctic-like summit. This is definitely a bucket list to-do for those who cannot get enough unity with mountains. Thomson Safaris is just waiting to guide you on the expedition of a lifetime.

Mountains provide us refuge from our day-to-day lives. We climb their peaks to behold a connection between nature and ourselves. They induce adrenaline and peace at the same time. There is something to be said and felt with leaving your routine to climb rapidly up a surreal mountain top. It is an ethereal experience which stays with you, getting you outside to do it over and over again.
Mountaineering isn’t for just the extreme sports fanatics, but for anybody. It could me the far end of climbing in the Alpine style or it could be a simple day hike. You don’t have to be driven to beat Mt. Everest to master this outside sport. The idea is to just get outside and try it. Experience it once and reap from the benefits. You will feel like you tackled the world all while finding stillness of the mind. Now that is a journey unexpected.