Mountain Biking Is Great


Mountain biking is a sport involving riding bicycles off the road over a rough surface using the mountain bike; a bicycle that is specially designed to perform this task. Mountain biking is usually divided into many categories for example trail riding, cross country, down hill, all mountain, trials, dirt jumping and the free ride. This sport requires a lot of endurance, balance, core strength and self-reliance.

There are a number of accessories that should be present during a mountain biking session. Gloves that are made out of heavy material should be worn and should cover all fingers for the purpose of protecting the hand. Glasses that almost resemble the ones worn in cycling sports should be worn. They help to keep the eyes from being affected by the debris that are found along the trail. The shoes worn should have a grip that is the same as that of hiking boots because they are used to scramble over obstacles that are found along the trail.

Mountain Biking Streams
Mountain Biking Streams

Hydration water systems are used by riders especially in the back country. They include water bottles and water bags that have drinking tubes. A pump is important in order to help in repairing flat tires. Bike tools are necessary in order to fix any mechanical problems that may occur. High power lights are used for activities of mountain biking that occur at night. GPS navigation devices are crucial for the purpose of displaying and monitoring the progress of the trails that the riders take.

The most common type of riding is downhill riding which involves riding a bike downhill. The rider goes to the position of descending by other means for example automobile. It is important to note that the activity of bike riding downhill comes before climbing. There are specific bikes that are used to race downhill. They have front and rear suspensions, large and heavy brakes. Owing to the fact that downhill riding takes place over a steep terrain, it makes it a very dangerous and extreme venues that is used for mountain biking.

This ride includes large jumps of up to twelve meters, drops of not less than three meters and a generally steep and rough from top to bottom. In order to be able to race at high speed and avoid obstacles, the racer must have body strength, aerobic fitness,good mental control and anaerobic fitness. Downhill bikes weigh around 16-20 kilograms while professional ones weigh fifteen kilograms.

It is important for every mountain biker to learn how to jump over rocks and other obstacles. Yours should load yourself onto the bike by crouching onto it with extremely bent knees, hips, elbows with the paddles parallel to the ground. From here explode upward while applying pressure on both pedals and pulling the bars in a twisting motion.

This motion helps in bringing the rear end up. On the trail you will want to hop with either side forward. Depending on which side the obstacle is on, you will now be able to turn the wheel towards the best line to trail in. With these few tips you realize that mountain biking can be a very enjoyable sport.