The Most Travel Season-Winter In Prague


Prague in winter is incredibly beautiful. Even if you’re one of those who do mind the cold weather, fortunately there are still many things to enjoy.Franz Kafka loved Prague most during the wintertime, probably because the city feels more magical and mysterious. Lower number of winter tourists also helps the magical travel experience.

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Christmas Markets In Prague

If you’re visiting in December or early January (till the 5th to be specific), you should check out the Christmas markets. They are almost everywhere, so you can’t escape them anyway!

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The best and largest Christmas market is in the Oldtown Square. Get a mulled wine and ayummy pastry roll with cinnamon and sugar named Trdlo (or Trdelník). Just marvel at the enormous and majestic Christmas tree and see what performances there are on the stage.The food stands covering the square offer a variety of delicious Czech meals and snacks to warm you up.

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On and off, Prague 1 hosts an outdoor ice-skating rink in the very city centre (at Ovocný trh). While there was none in 2014, in 2015 they restarted the practice! It’s available usually just throughout December. The location is really convenient as you can stroll to there easily from Wenceslas Square or the Old Town Square.

Also, if you don’t mint venturing slightly outside the city centre, an awesome rink is each year set upright under the TV Tower in Žižkov, Prague 3!


Other than the winter activities, there are amazing sightseeing opportunities that you can do at any time of the year. Prague Castle is opened year-round and so are all the museums and galleries.

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Winter definitely brings magic to all the typical sights. The gargoyles on the outside of St. Vitus Cathedral, staring at every passerby, have unique beards of ice when it’s below zero! Frost-covered spears and icicles on the roof edges make for a fairy-tale like scenery.

If you’re lucky, Prague will be covered in snow, as if it was sprinkled with sugar CLICK TO TWEET.To escape the cold weather, you should stop often at Prague’s numerous cafés and restaurants.

Here are 5 great new cafés to choose from, and many more. If you want a personal recommendation, just let me know what areas you’ll plan to visit and I’ll suggest some awesome cafés for you. So don’t shy away from travelling to Prague during winter. Come and experience Prague from a different perspective, the winter one!

In case you made plans to come in summer, I still have suggested local activities for you to do. Read the post on summer in Prague.Have you been to Prague during the wintertime? Or what other city did you find incredibly beautiful when visiting in winter?